Each week, the CFAHC blog will feature Access All-Stars from each state who exemplify stellar advocacy action and commitment to grassroots advocacy efforts as part of the Access is the Answer Campaign. This week, we learn about the excellent work of our All-Stars from the state of California. The advocates listed below played a crucial role in the effort to fix the cliff by providing ongoing advocacy leadership in their communities and effectively communicating the value of Health Centers to lawmakers and beyond.

California’s Access All-Stars

FHCNFamily HealthCare Network

Visalia, CA

Family HealthCare Network’s team truly went above the call of duty in their Access is the Answer efforts! They went out into the community to collect petition signatures – garnering nearly 16,000 petition signatures from staff, patients, and community members in central California. In order to stress the importance of each individual’s signature and the pride they should take in their advocacy, they distributed bilingual stickers to each petition signer. They didn’t ignore the role their staff could play in the campaign – they collected over 500 signed letters of support from FHCN staff addressed to their Members of Congress. The advocates at FHCN are tireless – kudos to them for such incredible participation in Access is the Answer!

Ampla HealthAmpla

Yuba City, CA

Staff at Ampla Health’s 12 sites worked tireless to collect petition signatures from staff and patients. In total, they collected over 6,600 petition signatures! A special shout-out goes to Ampla Health’s outreach worker, Irma Leal, for organizing the petition drive at each Ampla Health site, driving sometimes hours at a time to collect signatures, and taking a petition with her to the fields as she conducted outreach in the central valley’s farmworker communities.  


ClinicaClinica Sierra Vista

Fresno, CA

Clinica Sierra Vista continuously spread the word about the Access is the Answer campaign. They were able to collect a total of 4,500 petition signatures and 50 letters of support from community leaders and local elected officials in the Fresno area.



Asian Health Services


Oakland, CA

Asian Health Services was an active participant in several Access is the Answer phases. Not only did they collect over 1,100 petition signatures, they also leveraged their support within the health center and the community at-large to collect more than 200 staff letters of support and 20 community leader and local elected official letters of support.


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