Wayne Linscott: July 2015 Outstanding Advocate

wayneNACHC’s advocacy team is excited to announce the Outstanding Advocate for July 2015, Wayne Linscott, Chief Administrative Officer at White House Clinics (WHC) in Richmond, Kentucky. Wayne has built a successful advocacy infrastructure at White House over the last few months to support the Access is the Answer campaign, with plans to continue building advocacy capacity at White House to ensure current and future patients continue to have access to the care and services they need!

Wayne joined WHC after graduate school in September 2006 as the Health Center’s first Development Coordinator, and- like so many Health Center employees- has worn many hats over the past nine years. In addition to new responsibilities following his promotion to CAO in March, Wayne is also primarily responsible for coordinating advocacy efforts on behalf of WHC’s eight sites. As a participant in the 2015 Advocacy Leadership Program, Wayne set a few “big, hairy advocacy goals” for himself and White House after the full-day ALP kick-off workshop at the NACHC Policy & Issues Forum this spring that have kept him busy!

After returning home from the conference, Wayne worked with White House’s CEO, Stephanie Moore, and Enabling Services Manager, Heidi Kurgat, to mobilize and engage fellow staff on the issue of the Health Center Funding Cliff—the 70% reduction in federal Health Center funding set to take effect on October 1 of this year if Congress didn’t act. They followed up each NACHC communication with their own blast for a personal touch, encouraging colleagues to call and email their Members of Congress and weigh in with the Health Center message—and it worked! An overwhelming majority of the calls and emails directed to Kentucky’s Congressional delegation around passage of H.R.2 (the legislation that included a two-year extension of Health Center funding) were placed/sent from WHC’s coverage area.

After the whirlwind advocacy push around the passage of H.R.2 subsided, Wayne continues to work to build a solid foundation and institutionalize advocacy at WHC, in order to have an effective system in place, ready for the next call to action. White House makes a point to discuss the latest advocacy efforts at each staff meeting, and is in the process of getting WHC’s Board of Directors engaged and involved in advocacy. Wayne is also working to identify “site champions” at each of WHC’s locations who will work with him to coordinate and organize advocacy activities among staff.

The results and success of White House’s advocacy efforts on Access is the Answer, driven by Wayne’s dedication and persistence, are unmistakable and show just how much impact one motivated person can make on a national campaign!

Thank you, Wayne, for your outstanding leadership and for all that you do to engage and motivate your fellow staff in advocacy— we look forward to seeing more great things happening at WHC!


Do you know an Outstanding Advocate who deserves this recognition? Let us know! Email Elizabeth Kwasnik at ekwasnik@nachc.org.


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