Kevin Mallouf: June 2015 Outstanding Advocate


NACHC’s advocacy team is excited to announce the Outstanding Advocate for June 2015, Kevin Mallouf, Security Officer at Salud Family Health Centers in Colorado. Kevin has stepped up and leveraged his position at the Health Center to bolster Salud’s advocacy efforts on the Access is the Answer campaign!

Kevin joined the team at Salud’s Fort Collins location after retiring from the corporate world nine years ago and moving to Colorado to be closer to family. He took an interest in advocacy after hearing about the Health Center Funding Cliff and realizing that a 70% cut to funding was inching ever closer with each passing day. It was that sense of urgency that motivated him to get involved.

In addition to participating in the two call-in days to voice his support and encourage that of his Members of Congress on H.R. 2, Kevin took advantage of the nature of his job to ramp up advocacy efforts at the grassroots level. As a security officer, Kevin is able to move about the Health Center rather than being stationed at a desk or counter; being able to interact with a wide variety of people enabled him to collect a large number of petition signatures in a short amount of time. While he doesn’t speak Spanish, he would explain what the Access is the Answer Campaign and the Funding Cliff is to those who do, and they in turn would gather with other Spanish-speakers and collect petition signatures from them on his behalf. Realizing the potential for and importance of engaging patients in Health Center Advocacy, he reached out to fellow security officers at Salud’s other sites and encouraged them to get involved in a similar way. The reason was simple. “None of us want to see the community clinics go away, so everyone banded together and sent a message, [and we’re] very grateful it worked,” he said.

Jennifer Morse, VP of Development at Salud says of this Outstanding Advocate, “Kevin has been an instrumental advocate by his willingness and enthusiasm to engage patients while waiting for their appointments, and sharing how Salud receives funding to ensure affordable services are available in the community. As a security officer, he is mobile and is able to walk around the clinic and engage staff and patients to encourage them to sign the petition and respond to NACHC Calls for Action, all with a cheerful smile and true conviction in his belief. Kevin is an unsung advocacy rockstar. Thanks to his efforts, many participated in advocacy who would not have otherwise, and he helped patients understand how critical their voice is in ensuring the sustainability and success of the FQHC program. Thank you Kevin!”

Kudos, Kevin, for all of your hard work to engage patients and fellow staff in advocacy! To all advocates– stay tuned for more information on the next phase of Access is the Answer.

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