Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in America’s Health Centers

HispanicHeritageMonthCesar Chavez said, “Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” As Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th-October 15th, comes to a close, we celebrate the unique cultural contributions of over 50 million Hispanic Americans and over 7 million Hispanic American Health Center patients.

Health Centers across the country serve patients of all backgrounds, ethnicities, races, languages, dialects, and cultures. They hire providers and staff from the community, and are run by Boards with a majority of patients. They treat their patients with dignity, making sure they leave the Health Center feeling healthy and confident.

The Campaign for America’s Health Centers is proud of the culturally competent care Health Centers work hard to deliver, and we support and encourage the role Health Centers play in encouraging their patients to be Advocates for themselves, their Health Centers, and their communities.  To support this role, we distribute a weekly Spanish newsletter via email to keep Spanish-speaking Advocates informed on important Health Center Advocacy updates and calls to action. In addition, to make staying engaged as easy as possible we offer a mobile advocacy network from which we send text messages in Spanish with advocacy information and easy ways to take action.  To be successful we follow a model in which we work directly with Health Centers to collect best practices and resources. This is in recognition of the Health Center model to engage and recognize the unique needs and priorities of various cultures and ethnicities.

The Campaign for America’s Health Centers celebrates the unique contributions Hispanic Americans bring to our country every day, and we applaud the Health Centers that promote the health and wellbeing of all of their patients through culturally and linguistically competent care. Thank you for respecting and honoring the cultures of all Americans.3

To learn more about the work the Campaign for America’s Health Centers is doing to encourage Hispanic Health Center patients to become Advocates, take a look at our website, featuring a new video in Spanish speaking to the importance of being an Advocate. To signup for the Campaign for America’s Health Centers weekly Spanish newsletter and/or text messages, click here.

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