Westside Family Healthcare Has Great Success Pushing the Access is the Answer Campaign

– by Chris Fraser, Director of Operations, Westside Family Healthcare, Wilmington, DE


Westside Family Healthcare has had great success in the last few weeks promoting the Access is the Answer campaign. After hearing the NACHC goal of 500 petition signatures per each grantee, Westside Family Healthcare’s President & CEO, Lolita A. Lopez, FACHE, immediately believed that Westside could double that number and generate at least 1,000 signatures.

Westside operates six medical offices and one dental office, and if each location strived for 100 signatures, the goal would be nearly realized. At a staff meeting at the end of February, Lolita conducted a presentation on the Access is the Answer campaign and shared NACHC’s most recent video featuring Dan Hawkins. Lolita then challenged all of Westside with the petition goal and asked each office for a volunteer to join Westside’s grassroots advocacy team.

Staff members from various disciplines joined the team. Since that time, team members have been hard at work. By the end of March, staff had collected over 4,000 petition signatures.

AITA_TranspSeveral strategies have been key to this success. Petitions with the NACHC “Take Action” sign have been posted at every reception desk organization wide including administrative offices. Reception staff members ask patients to sign when they come in for their office visit. Delivery drivers and individuals coming to the office for meetings are asked to sign. Westside’s Office Managers also decided to utilize any medical assistant not assigned to a provider for a particular session, and these staff members canvas the waiting rooms to ask for signatures. Patients have responded with enthusiasm and have been very willing to support the organization that provides their care. In addition, staff members have also taken this petition home to family members, to their neighborhoods, laundromats, youth sporting events, churches, and farmer markets.

Westside Family Healthcare is excited to continue to spread the message that Access is the Answer!

– NOTE FROM NACHC ADVOCACY STAFF: We are so proud of the folks at Westside Family Healthcare for the TREMENDOUS impact they’ve made on the Access is the Answer campaign. Westside has shown us how successful Health Center Advocacy can be and that EVERY Health Center has the ability to make an impact on important policies with a little planning and creativity. We know that each Health Center is different, so be creative and think about what works best for your Health Center as we continue pushing the Access is the Answer campaign for adequate funding for Health Centers. As always, please let us know what does and doesn’t work for your Health Center by emailing grassroots@nachc.com.

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