Get 500+ Access is the Answer Petition Signatures at your Health Center! Here’s how you do it.

  • Guest Blog Post by Dana Lawrence

Dana is the Director of Communications & Grassroots Advocacy at the Michigan Primary Care Association. She’s been thinking about ways to ramp up petition signature collection for NACHC’s Access is the Answer campaign, and here’s what she’s come up with:

In an effort to get Michigan Health Center leadership, staff, and board members thinking about how they can collect 500+ signatures on the Access is the Answer petition by the end of March 2014, we, at Michigan Primary Care Association, put together a list of ideas to get the creativity flowing. We ended up with these 14 ways to encourage others to sign the petition. By no means is this list exhaustive, as we know there are so many innovative strategies for spreading the word – our intention was simply to serve as a catalyst. We look forward to hearing how Health Centers in Michigan and all across the country meet the challenge. How powerful it will be when over 600,000 signatures from patients, partners, staff, board members, and supporters attest that Access is the Answer!



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