Video Message Request

caphillvideoThe 2013 NACHC Policy & Issues Forum, March 20-23 in D.C., is an important opportunity for Health Center Advocates from across the country to join together on Capitol Hill. Advocates will be meeting with Members of Congress to talk about the importance of health center funding and patient access to health care.

Are you planning to go to D.C. this March to meet with your Members of Congress? If so, send us a short video, no longer than 30 seconds, to tell us and your fellow Health Center Advocates why you are going to go advocate for health centers on Capitol Hill!

Don’t worry about getting fancy, no need to hire a production crew! Just whip out your cell phone and record a quick video of yourself, upload it to YouTube and send us the link in this online form.

We’ll share your video message online and in national email updates leading up to the Policy & Issues Forum, so be sure to send in your video before March 20th.

Are you going to D.C. to advocate for health center funding? Do you plan to share a personal story about health care access with your Member of Congress? In 30 seconds or less, video your message about why you are going to D.C. and we’ll help share your message with Health Center Advocates across the nation!

If you have questions or need assistance sending us your video message, please email

P.S. Whether you are able to come advocate in D.C. or not, all health center advocates will need to continue advocating via email and phone calls throughout the month of March to protect health center funding! Please make sure you have taken action on our latest alert to tell Congress to “Stop the sequester!”


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