Contact Congress to Stop the Sequester

Health Center Advocates were sent an Action Alert email Monday, February 11, asking them to call and email Members of Congress to urge Congress to delay or replace the sequester as soon as possible. If Congress does not act to delay or replace the sequester by March 1st, then Community Health Centers face a potential loss of $115 million in funding, which translates into approximately 900,000 fewer patients served, potentially hitting both current and future patients. And depending on how the Health Center Trust Fund is used, every existing health center could see a direct impact on their federal health center grant if sequester were to occur.

Please call your Members of Congress using the toll-free Health Center Advocacy Hotline — 1-866-456-3949 — and send your Members an email.

You can learn more about the sequester, including what funding impact health centers may be facing, in this blog post.


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