Educating Your Community About Voting Rights

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Guest blog post by Jason W. Wadsworth, Voter Engagement Coordinator with Nevada Health Centers, Inc.

Educating Your Community About Voting Rights

Mi Familia Vota, along with the Nevada Health Centers, conducted election protection training with its canvassers and volunteers, on Monday, October 29, 2012, in an effort to engage the Las Vegas community. Nevada Health Centers invited residents to join Mi Familia Vota to learn about their voting rights, followed by a basic civics class to teach attendees about the electoral process.

Providing this type of training is crucial as the Community Health Center prepares to Get Out The Vote. It is important to encourage others to vote, and remind them that the democratic process works best when each individual asserts their equal right to vote. Often during the work week I receive phone calls from staff and community members about the voting process. My belief is constantly reaffirmed in the belief that Health Centers continue to be a natural place for helping the community to become educated on the process.

Community partners like Mi Familia Vota are essential to any civic engagement effort. Cultivating community partner relationships helps bring a new dimension to the effort and positively affects overall project impact potential.

Finally, an educated community creates a culture of change which promotes equal access to healthy living and ensures a bright future for Community Health Centers.

–Jason W. Wadsworth

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