Closing Participation Gaps Through Nonprofit Voter Engagement

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, located in Cleveland, Ohio, and Peak Vista Community Health Centers, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, along with NACHC’s Community Health Vote initiative are all mentioned in the Fall 2012 edition of The Nonprofit Quarterly.

The article, “Serving Democracy: Nonprofits Promote Voter Engagement in 2012“, is written by George Pillsbury, MPA, founder and executive director of our national partner, Nonprofit VOTE.

From identifying the challenges and opportunities for non-profits offering voter engagement assistance and promotion, to looking at lessons learned, the article shares some very compelling research and data, such as, The census reported that lower-income voters (earning less than $50,000) trailed higher-income voters by twenty points. The article goes on to demonstrate, based on multiple studies, the connection non-profits have with their clients and how voting can actually help better a community.

Mr. Pillsbury concludes:

With a better road map, guidance, and resources, nonprofits and civic organizations can make a large and lasting contribution to growing the electorate and closing participation gaps. They can leverage engagement assets to elevate the voice of the nonprofit sector and communities they serve at the table of democracy—adding new strength and vitality to their historic role as a positive force for social progress and civic renewal.

The very nature of America’s Health Centers makes them an integral part of how low income Americans as well as immigrants are involved in and integrated into their communities, and a natural place for helping people in underserved communities to take the step to be more informed and civically engaged. Learn more about Community Health Vote and how health centers are participating in voter engagement, and please take a few minutes to read The Nonprofit Quarterly’s article, “Serving Democracy: Nonprofits Promote Voter Engagement in 2012“.

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