Educating Health Center Patients About Voting

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Guest blog post by Cristina Veltri, Outreach for Zufall Health Center located in Dover, NJ

Educating Health Center Patients About Voting

Continuing with our efforts and commitment to the Community Health Vote Campaign, Zufall Health Center invited Spanish speaking patients and residents in the community to embark on a Non Partisan Voter Engagement workshop, educating participants on the importance of voting, how to register to vote, and even offered them a chance to cast a mock vote. We want to educate and inspire voters of all ages in our community so that they make voting a healthy habit!

We took advantage of this opportunity to educate the audience on health care reform. We invited Mr. Dennis Gonzalez, (Deputy Regional Director of NY, NJ, PR, and US Virgin Islands) of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Executive Officer Region II – New York, as a guest speaker to answer questions from participants. The event was a great success!

Zufall Health Center is committed to this campaign and looks forward to providing the communities we serve with more tools and information to get healthy, stay well and thrive.

–Cristina Veltri



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