How To: Utilize a Health Center Call Center for Voter Engagement

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Guest blog post by Jennifer Morse, VP of Development at Salud Family Health Centers in Fort Lupton, Colorado

How To: Utilize a Health Center Call Center for Voter Engagement


Salud Family Health Centers (Salud) is a migrant and community health center operating nine clinics in Northern Colorado. Salud schedules patient visits through a Call Center with daily call volume averages of 2,000 – 3,000. With our Voter Registration and Pledge To Vote initiative well under the way at all clinics, the Call Center continues to serve as the first point of contact to engage patients in both activities.

When patients call in, they are asked if they are registered to vote or need to update their voter registration. If the answer is yes, the call center agent (there are 15 employed) informs the patient that on-site registration is available at all Salud clinics and they will be asked about their registration upon checking in at the clinic’s front desk for their appointment. Since the Voter Registration process requires signature and cannot be completed over the phone by a third party, the focus for the Call Center agents is on the Pledge To Vote (PTV) cards and is only offered only to patients who affirm their updated voter registration.

The Call Center agent asks if the patient is interested in signing on for the PTV card; if the patient is interested, the agent asks for full name, phone number and address. Information is not pulled from the Call Center system, nor does the agent confirm stated information in the software. All information for all fields of the PTV is provided verbally by the client to ensure compliance with HIPAA. Call Center staff has received training on making an effective appeal, and guidelines for staying nonpartisan.

View Salud’s Call Center Voter Engagement Flowchart:

This is a great way to engage patients at their first point of contact with their medical home, Salud, about Voter Registration occurring at the clinics and the Pledge to Vote cards.

–Jennifer Morse

>>Interested in offering Pledge To Vote forms at your health center? Download forms here and then follow the instructions on the same webpage to mail completed forms to NACHC so individuals will receive voting reminders.

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