Encouraging health centers to register voters through friendly PCA-sponsored competition

Guest blog post by Alex Harris, policy intern for North Carolina Community Health Center Association, the State Primary Care Association representing North Carolina Community Health Centers

NCCHCA Race to the Vote: Encouraging health centers to register voters through friendly PCA-sponsored competition

This year during National Health Center Week, the North Carolina Community Health

Race to the Vote logo designed by Kyle Whitaker

Center Association (NCCHCA) is encouraging health center voter registration drives through a NASCAR-themed competition to see which of our centers can register the most voters. (NASCAR is North Carolina’s official state sport after all!)

The competition works like this: Each participating health center will submit the number of people they register to vote, the number of people who sign “I pledge to vote” forms, and the number of scheduled appointments each day during Health Center Week using a simple online survey linked from our website.

Graphic posted on website so that health centers can check their voter registration progress

Then, each evening, we will calculate a relative score for each health center (number of registered voters over number of scheduled appointments). We will then post an updated graphic on our website so our health centers can check out where they stand. By the end of the week, the health centers with the highest relative score for voter registration and for voter pledge forms will each win a $100 Wal-Mart gift card. The winning health centers will also be featured in our weekly newsletter, the Focal Point.

We’re hoping to create some friendly competition among our health centers. Many health centers leave out voter registration forms and have signs or posters in the waiting area about registering to vote, but we want them to go the extra mile during National Health Center Week. Going out into the community to register voters or hosting voter registration drives as Health Center Week events can really boost their scores. And who wouldn’t love a Wal-Mart gift card! Check out more information about our NCCHCA Race to the Vote competition here.

 –Alex Harris

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