Delivering Petitions and Letters to Members of Congress in D.C.

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>This blog post is part of an 8-week series leading up to the 2012 Policy & Issues Forum, March 21-25. The series is designed to complement the guide “Signing On: A Prescription for Success” by providing practical information for health center advocates beginning or continuing a petition/letter drive, with the goal of delivering petitions/letters to Members of Congress.

Purchased your plane ticket and ready to make your way to D.C. for the 2012 Policy & Issues Forum (P&I), March 21-25? Don’t forget your petition and letter copies!

>>Why should I bring copies, and not the original signatures? Read why on page 4 of the guide “Signing On: A Prescription for Success”.

Whether the copies fly with you or are sent on ahead, the time to prepare is NOW! If you are like most attendees participating in Hill Day (March 22) you will be visiting with at least one U.S. Representative and 2 U.S. Senators; that means you need at least 3 copies of all your petitions and/or letters. For a little quick math, if your health center has collected 1,000 letters of support, and you are meeting with 3 Congressional offices in D.C., you need 3,000 copies of your letters. That’s a lot to carry! Here are two options to consider:

1) Divide and Conquer: If multiple staff and supporters from your health center are traveling to D.C., have each person carry some of the copies.

2) First Class: If you don’t want to carry all of your copies with you on a plane, consider sending them on ahead. You can mail your copies ahead to the hotel you are staying at; just call the hotel in advance to let them know you are sending a package and you will pick it up at the front desk once you arrive. For information on the 2012 P&I hotel options, click here.

Not able to attend the P&I this year? You can still deliver your petitions and letters to your Members of Congress back home! Next week we’ll share some ideas for creating a delivery event in your community.

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