What is your health center story?

“In 2007, I was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ of the cervix but was able to eradicate it with surgery because it was found early. It was found early because I got regular exams, and

I got regular exams because of the education I had received from my nurse practitioner all those years earlier. But that is just a piece of the place that community health centers have in my heart…” – Diana Z. of Pleasanton, Texas

Diana began as a health center patient and now works for Atascosa Health Center. Click here to read her full story.

What is your health center story? If you are a health center patient, what have Community Health Centers meant to you and/or your family? If you work at a health center, what do you value most about working there?

Lori M. of Hayden, Idaho, used the Campaign For America’s Health Centers’ “Tell Your Story” tool to share how she became a volunteer at Dirne Community Health Center, her volunteer experience, and now her patient experience. Click here to read Lori’s story.

Community Health Centers mean so much to so many people who have been touched by the mission to provide high-quality access to care for all. By sharing your own story, you help elected officials and others to understand how vital the continuation and expansion of the Health Centers Program is, both for existing and future patients.

Please use the “Tell Your Story” online form to tell us your story today: http://www.saveourchcs.org/tell-us-your-story.cfm

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