Advocating for the things we are thankful for

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nt/uploads/2011/11/teleforum.jpg” alt=”” width=”179″ height=”282″ />During the week of Thanksgiving, we used the Campaign’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to recognize groups of people we are thankful for, highlighting health center board members, staff, Primary Care Associations, patients and advocates.

A lot has happened this year in D.C., and we have called on health center advocates again and again to help us communicate a strong, targeted message to Members of Congress and the White House. Thank you for each and every time you responded! As we said in a post last Friday on Facebook, without you there would be no Campaign For America’s Health Centers.

Two focuses of late have been the Super Committee and Fiscal Year 2012 Appropriations. Click here to read the latest updates from the National Association of Community Health Centers’ Health Centers on the Hill blog. Both the Super Committee and Appropriations remain important topics for health center advocates to stay focused and updated on, so you won’t want to miss the Thursday, December 8th, 3pm ET Tele Forum Phone Call! The call will provide up-to-date information on the Super Committee implications and Fiscal Year 2012 funding for health centers.

The Tele Forum is free and open to all! To participate, simply enter a direct phone number where you can be reached to receive the phone call on December 8th at 3pm ET – enter the number in the “Tele Town Hall Phone Number” field in your health center advocate profile:​nachc/mlm/signup/

While we took time during the week of Thanksgiving to give thanks by recognizing groups of people who are standing up for health centers and health center patients every day, we all must keep this thanks front of mind year-round. It is because we are thankful that we continue to advocate for health centers and health center patients.

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