Mobilization Day “Challenge”

We know Community Health Centers and Primary Care Associations across the country have been gearing up for the October 13 National Mobilization Day Call-In – here’s your chance to share your Call-In Day plans with your fellow Health Center Advocates!

Challenge your fellow Health Center Advocates to go above and beyond!  Share your preparation efforts and what your organization will do the day-of October 13.  Here’s an example from Lorain County Health & Dentistry, located in Lorain, Ohio:

“LCH&D is gearing up for the Call-In.  There are three of us who will be located in the clinics to make sure each employee has an opportunity to make their calls. We are aiming for 100% participation.

We also plan to man a table in the lobby at both our Central and South Health Center locations.  Staff at the table will encourage and assist patients and families to place calls.” – Inez Avery, employee with Lorain County Health & Dentistry

Has your Health Center been working with local partners to maximize the number of callers on October 13?  How do you plan to assist patients with making phone calls?  Does your Health Center have a plan in place for taking pictures of advocates in-action (read more about our call for October 13 picture submissions here)?  Post your plans in the comments below, read what others have planned, and challenge your fellow Health Center Advocates to go above and beyond to speak out to Congress and the White House on October 13!


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