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A number of Health Centers and State Primary Care Associations have been sharing articles online this week about the cheap cialis online

le=”color: #0000ff;”>newly released Census data. While data reveals an increase in the uninsured, America’s Health Centers remind the public that they continue to keep the doors open to anyone, regardless of insurance status. We love this Facebook post, in response to the Census data, from FamilyCare HealthCenter in Scott Depot, West Virginia:

FamilyCare HealthCenter

The reality is that there are 60 million Americans who lack access to primary health care. Advocates must be the voice not only for Health Centers but also for people who are and those who could be future Health Center patients! We must stay informed and ready as Congress continues to look at how much funding it will provide for Health Centers for not only the upcoming Fiscal Year, but beyond.

One opportunity to stay informed as a Health Center advocate is the Tuesday, September 20, 2pm ET Health Center Tele-Forum. Advocates will hear from National Association of Community Health Centers CEO Tom Van Coverden and Federal Affairs staff about the Congressional Super Committee and the process that has been put in place to address the federal deficit. The Super Committee will be making critical funding decisions this year, and as Health Center advocates we must stay informed on these Congressional activities and be ready to react when necessary.

Please encourage fellow Health Center supporters to be on the Health Center Tele-Forum by sharing this link: Participating on the Tele-Forum is free of charge, but you MUST have a direct phone number where we can reach you at 2:00pm ET on September 20 entered on your profile in the Health Center Advocate Database. Click here to view, update or create your profile with a direct line in the “Tele-Town Hall Phone Number” field.

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