Telling Your Story, Telling Our Story

One of the most powerful things you can do to support the Campaign For America’s Health Centers is to tell your story. We each have a unique story – perhaps your story is about your experience with the health care system and how you came to know Comm

unity Health Centers, or maybe your story is about why you went into medicine and decided to practice in primary care, or your story may be about why you choose to volunteer your time as a health center board member. Together, each of our unique stories paints the picture of America’s Health Centers.

Here at the Campaign For America’s Health Centers, we want to hear your story! Whether written or in video form, we are asking you to share your personal story so we can help tell others why Community Health Centers are so important and to explain all of the great things happening in your local community. Here’s how you can tell your story:

1. Visit the Tell Us Your Story webpage

2. Fill out the form

3a. Type in your story (you can even upload a picture!), or 3b. Submit a video

To submit a video, you can either give us the link to a video you have already uploaded online, such as a link to a YouTube video, or you can upload your video file to the website.

Really important: If you upload a picture or video, or send us a video link, you must fill out a release form. The release form must be filled out for anyone in the picture or video, so if you shoot a video of several patients talking about your health center, each patient would need to sign a release form.

So send us your personal story and ask other health center supporters to send us their story! You may even want to set up a Story Day at your health center to collect stories, written or video, from patients, staff, board members, volunteers, community supporters and even elected officials. By telling your story, you will be helping to tell our story, the Community Health Center story.

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